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The Unspoken Attempt

February 22, 2023

My name is Tessa. I am a mom to two beautiful boys ages 6 and 5 months. I consider myself a modern day hippie (aka a crunchy mom). I am gender neutral, non-vax, attachment parenting, and attempt to be as organic and Earth friendly as possible.

I married my best friend, Phil, when I was 19 (2016) and from there we have not slowed down. We bought a house, got two dogs, adopted a child, graduated college, had many different jobs, and had a baby all within 3 years.

On top of my crazy life, my oldest son has special needs, which may or may not come up in my blog posts in the future. This has been a daily battle and also a blessing. He makes me view the world differently and I absolutely love him. He was my first REAL love. He keeps me on my toes. So many parents of special needs children stay quiet because it is embarrassing, but we need a tribe behind us to keep it all going for these babies.

I used to be a very shy (and am still super introverted) person who has watched the world as an outsider, not sure how to make change happen. In the last few years I have found my voice in a different way. I have decided to be completely transparent with my life, experiences, choices, etc. This includes sharing parts of my life that may be uncomfortable or private for some (such as breastfeeding). I always think back to when someone watched my birth video and said “Wow, I didn’t know that was even possible!” because they had never known it was even an option. That is why I want to be open, even if only that one person may have a different view because of my story.

So here I am, world! This is your warning before you read anything further! Who knows what will come of it. Maybe just my random thoughts, maybe a good story or two, maybe actual awareness and change. This is my crazy, beautiful life and I am so in-love with it!


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